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A follow up to last year's TRUTHWITCH, Windwitch continues to the story of Safi, Iseult, and Merick, while adding and developing new characters and incredibly complicated political and personal shenanigans. It was made for me, is what I'm saying.

I super pleased that this is a true series. I think we're looking at five books total, which is just not common in YA. I'm thrilled with what Susan is doing, though. Her world is just so well developed, and I love how big and thorough it is.

I continue to really like Safi and Iseult, even though they are separated from one another for the entire plot, having adventures with new characters. They are just so great. And both of them are coming into their power and the magic and they are just so good at being...characters.

I was not Merrik's biggest fan (surprise!), but he was at least interesting in this. His mistakes were logical and his solutions reasonable, at it was a solid progression, but it was his sister Vivia who really shone. She was awesome.

The third book is called Bloodwitch, and won't be out until next year, and I can't wait.


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