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Birthdate:May 19
Fanfic: AO3 (older, pre-AO3 stuff on, because I don't have time to import everything)

Speaking of not having time to import everything, I was a hold-out on LJ for a long time, which means all of the fic links here will take you there (until I delete the lj, in which case they will be dead links). I will probably never clean this up.

I'm Canadian. I'm a geek. I'm a writer. I've been known to bake and decorate cakes.

The content of this journal will be mostly book related. I review a lot of books and I also write them. There will still be fandom, though! Because Tumblr is kind of the worst (except when it's the best), and because sometimes I like being able to hide behind the fannish identity I've been building since 2002.

If you add me, I will probably add you back. If you've changed your handle, please DM me so I recognize you. :)
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