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I finished Guardians of the Whills! I liked it. Chirrut and Baze were on point (and so was Saw Gerrera, tbh), and the new characters were good (though obviously I would have preferred it if a single one of Saw’s partisans were female). The illustrations were excellent, and the story itself, like all good Middle Grade, pulled no punches at all.

There were a couple of philosophical points I disagreed with (at one point, Chirrut tells Baze that there are there are others worse off and when Baze says that doesn’t make him feel better, Chirrut says maybe it should. Which, I mean, no), but at the beginning when Chirrut is describing how Jedha has changed since the Empire showed up, just, my heart. Like, I see a lot of people talking about how great Rae Sloane is and how much they love nuanced, hard-working Imperials, and this book just goes to town on that, and I appreciate it.

It also pulls no punches with regard to Saw, who we already know is kind of a jerk about, like, literally everything. Obviously I am more sympathetic to him and his partisans than I am to the Empire, but I still have zero problems believing that the dude who abandoned 16yo Jyn with a knife and a blaster and NO EXPLANATION because she was cramping his style would do any of the things he did in this book.

Middle Grade is so deliciously complicated. :)
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Such a good day at Toronto ComiCon. It came together kinda last minute, so I was a bit worried, but it turned out so well. I think there were 40 books, and only 8 were left at the end? And a bunch of people had brought their own copies, so I actually saw a lot of people. It was pretty great. The 501st were awesome hosts.

And the costumes! Were so great.



I was just setting up when he walked past, and I think he was surprised by how excitedly I was all "CAN I TAKE YOUR PICTURE?" but then the 501st guys (who are basically professionals) were ALSO really impressed (I had assumed he was one of them, but he wasn't!). Anyway. SUPER impressive.


These Reys were super cute, comparing staffs (the one on the left is the 501st, so she was telling the other woman how she'd done it. They're actually both holding 501st weapons in the shot, which I thought was super nice of them).


I love family cosplays, and I love how smart girls are about coming up with ways to cosplay BB-8.


YOU GUYS. YOU GUYS. (Yes, I was sitting down behind, like, six people when they walked past. Yes, I yelled "WAIT COME BACK" and chased them a little bit. YES, THAT CHILD HAS THE MOST PERFECT HAN POSE OF ALL TIME.)


"Rey!" said the taller one, and then handed over her lightsaber for the picture. I'm not crying, it's raining on my face.


This is my favourite Phasma, I think.


I saw these two on the way in, but was too far away, so I was SUPER glad they came by my booth! They couldn't fit the Sabé headdress in the car, so her new goal is to build one that can be taken off if needed during the day.


Jyn! I asked if she made the coat, because it was REALLY good quality, and she said she bought it online because of the sewing (all my cosplay friends were in FITS after they saw the stills, because of the sleeves), but she made the cowl.


And at last, on the way back into the train station, I saw this family. The little girl dressed as Rex was SUPER into being photographed, and the Ezra was getting the hang of posing (pun intended!). I love the way this Ahsoka uses gold tights for skin coverage. She looked amazing.


And here is me, safely back at The Sister's (I have to do pass pages by tomorrow night, so). The skirt and petticoat are Her Universe. The tank top and blazer are mine, and the scarf is from Think Geek. I got compliments on the skirt all day long (Me: Why did we stop wearing petticoats? Me, trying to pee: Oh. Right. That.), and it was awesome.

An excellent day. Hopefully I can do another con in TO sometime. This one was super fun.


Dec. 27th, 2016 02:38 pm
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Longtime followers may remember that once upon a time, I was an aide in a nursing home. I started just after my sixteenth birthday, and stayed until I was 21. Amongst other things, I learned what happens when you survive fifteen minutes without a pulse.

It's a long time. It's such a long time. More than enough for her brilliant brain to lose function, for her limbs and her tongue to slow.

But enough time to hope.

And I did. I did, even though I knew better. Because that is what we do. That is what she taught us. Get up, speak up, stand up. Hope.

But I didn't want to see her in a wheelchair, unable to talk. She shouted so much and she gave so much, and it's probably selfish of me, but I wanted her to go out in a flash, here one day and gone the next, preferably three decades from now.

A friend said: I'm weirdly glad it was a heart attack, you know? People who spend their lives in combat with bipolar don't die of heart attacks. She beat bipolar, and she beat it by calling it out and refusing to let it slide, silent, into every aspect of her life.

My princess is a senator too, and a general. The woman behind her is even more besides. They were ANDs. AND instead of OR. I love them both for that.

I'm so sad. So sad. She's in all of the things I lean on when I feel like this. I got my Christmas card from Lucasfilm today. I could never have imagined that. But ever since her heart attack was announced, I'd been imagining what this was going to feel like.

But I'm happy too. I'm happy that she was in TFA and I'm happy we got the General to round out her story. I'm happy she loved Twitter and had Gary. I'm happy for that footage of her dancing with Daisy Ridley. And it's the happy things that keep making me cry.

I know she was so much more than Star Wars, but Star Wars is, as in all things, my heart. And right now my heart is a little broken. But I'll get up, speak up, stand up. And she'll be a lot of the reason why.
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I know. Somehow, I've always known.

But, seeing it. Seeing it.

I Rebel )

Rogue One

Dec. 16th, 2016 08:31 pm
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I Rebel )

School is still in next week. I might go every day.
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We were at the Grove in LA for the final event of the Ahsoka Tour last night, and it was amaaaaaaazing. Like, Captain Rex met us at the door amazing.

Also a lot of people show up.




It was awesome.
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Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 9.21.15 PM
Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 9.21.48 PM

It's mostly sunk in. Sort of.

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F-list, if you live in/near NYC, Orlando, Tampa, LA, or San Diego, I will be touring with Ashley Eckstein.

The schedule is here.

If you do come, please make sure to tell me so I can be on the lookout for you.

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So I don't know if any of you are planning to go to New York Comic Con, but I will be there! I am on two panels, here, and also doing a booth signing on Friday October 7, Booth 2028, at 6PM.

The signing is particularly notable because Ashley Eckstein will be signing with me (!!!!!).

I am so excited!

ETA: Also, this happened
Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 3.04.29 PM
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I am so pleased. SO PLEASED.

Cover Art!

Jul. 15th, 2016 11:23 am
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(This one has an extra special place in my heart, obviously...)


(Pre-order from your store of choice and/or add it on Goodreads).
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This. Book.

Okay, so I am in the small percentage of people who was 100% on board with Leia and Han in TFA, and this book is basically a perfect encapsulation of WHY they were like that. It just makes sense to me. Marriage doesn't work the same for everyone, and it certainly shouldn't in Star Wars-verse, and I love the idea of two people who made it work while also keeping their very complicated lives, and then it got TOO complicated, and they were...screwed.

But really, that's not the most important part of this book.

BLOODLINE is the story of Leia and politics and betrayal and coming so fucking close and then everything falling apart because: Star Wars. It was flipping genius, and brilliantly written and literally everything I wanted.


In addition to Leia, we get two more fantastic female characters (Korr Sella, who appears briefly in the movie, and an ex-pilot), and another woman who, well, that would be telling. IT'S JUST SO GOOD.

Also: Bail (and Breha) Organa. JUST BURY ME HERE. Leia knows who her father is, and I JUST LOVE IT.

(Also, Gray got to make A Certain Thing canon, and IT IS BEAUTIFUL.)

Read this.
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I mean, I was here for this movie. A heist movie with politics and a woman leading the charge? I mean, OBVIOUSLY. BUT THEN BUT THEN BUT THEN.


I Rebel )

I am so flipping excited.
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If you feel like it's been too long since Star Wars stomped on your feelings, I recommend picking this up. Though it's targeted MG (which most SW books for kids are), it is REALLY well pieced together, giving not only a good overview of Jakku, but also the people and ships you find there.


My favourite/the most heart-breaking page was her diagram of the X-wing she scavenged. It is labeled in food, so many portions for each part. "37 PORTIONS THANK YOU YELLOW 4 😀" she writes. JUST BURY ME HERE.

It's a cool book to add to the shrine of Rey action figures I am sure you, like me, are slowly building in your office.
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[ profile] redbrunja asked, and I didn't think Twitter could contain me.

Spoilers! )

More character essays to follow, I am sure.
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Every time I think about Hera Syndulla, my hearts makes a sound like what I imagine a wounded pterodactyl might have sounded like. I love her so much. I WANT HER FREAKING ACTION FIGURE. Just. Hera. All the time.

I also really like how Rebels (and The Clone Wars as well), took time to establish developing tech and whatnot. It's cool world-building, but it also lends a sense of realism. I don't need much realism from my Star Wars (ask me, for example, how little I care about Death Star economics), but these little nods are great.

Also, the Mon Calamari in this ep was great. Possibly my favourite bit part.


I love Sabine only slightly less than I love Hera, so, you know. AND GINA TORRES. She'd better be back. I hope there's a Sabine book someday. Girl was in the academy, broke out, became a bounty hunter talented enough that the Black Sun was scoping her out, and then...turned back to the light. I'm 100% here for that. Not holding my breath, of course, but here.
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I legit think this is the first time I have cared about Ezra. AND KANAN AND HERA AT THE END JUST. WHY DO I. JUST. NNNGGGHHH.

Brothers of the Broken Horn )
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So, this was in the trailer and therefore not a surprise at all (well, I mean, it was a GREAT surprise, but it was a great surprise back in April), but I'm still going to cut it, because THAT'S WHY WE HAVE LJ.

Boy, does [spoilers] have Kanan's number! )

This show is so gooooooooood (except for the part where you can't buy Hera action figures).
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I'd forgotten how merciless this show is.

Cut for spoilers )

I cracked, and bought the show from iTunes because I want to watch it RIGHT NOW, and YE GODS is it pretty. I'd forgotten.


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