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Jun. 12th, 2016 11:51 pm
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This morning I was horrified. I mean, I still AM horrified. It's not the sort of thing that goes away.

The clip of the Hamilton cast is up on the CTV website already. I've watched it three times. "Ugly crying" doesn't even begin to cover it.

Everything is boiling over.
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I have watched this video a lot today. Like, a LOT a lot. And laughed hysterically every time.

Happy Dance Vids, FTW!
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(I did find out that my ALL TIME FAVOURITE happy dance vid has been made private since the last time I looked for it. This makes me very sad. But at least now I have this one! And I love this song A LOT.)
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The new Imagine Dragons album came out today. I put off buying the singles as they became available, because I wanted to listen to the whole album together (this failed, obviously, thanks to my BFF Youtube Repeat, which allowed me to listen to I BET MY LIFE almost 400 times), but I picked it up this morning after Twitter reminded me it was a thing.

I've listened through once, and my first impressions are that it is a solid album, but less "catchy" than the first one. It's also a bit quieter, I think, but I was working while I was listening, so it's possible I missed things. Aside from I Bet My Life, though, there's nothing dance-y, they way the first album had music you could dig into. It's all flying this time around.

THAT SAID, they did manage to write two songs that are SHATTERINGLY PERFECT for PRAIRIE FIRE. The aforementioned I Bet My Life, and also Warriors, which is the last song on the whole thing.

I'll calm down and listen to the whole album a few more times. Hopefully I find something to sink my teeth into.
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(Also, the Sia, Fall Out Boy, and Sam Smith covers are pretty great too.)
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This is so far up my alley that it found the muggers lurking there and beat them up and left them webbed to the wall for the cops to pick up later with a note signed “Your friendly neighborhood Jazz Cover”


That metaphor got away from me a little.

This is my everything.

(I don't often miss high school, but high school was the most musical time of my whole life, and GOOD LORDE, I miss that.)


Jun. 19th, 2014 05:23 pm
Possibly the most brain bending music video I've ever seen. Well done, OK GO

*pieces brain back together*


Dec. 11th, 2013 04:10 pm
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I haven't made it to FROZEN yet, but, man:

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So, like, important things happened and stuff, and mostly I was totally onboard with it, but CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE FIRST TWO MINUTES FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE?

(And maybe also the part about Ichabod's shooting style?)


...Supernatural fans hate this, don't they*.

*don't answer that. Watch this instead:

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Royals is probably my favourite song right now, That Inevitable Victorian Thing or no, and so I'm a bit leery of covers? And WotE is usually good, but I wondered what they'd do. The vocals aren't quite what I like (though they are very, very WotE), but the choreography is AMAZING, and reminds me why I started watching their videos in the first place.

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If you have perfect pitch in eight-tone (ie. Western) scale, do you still have perfect pitch if five-tone?

The Pacific Rim Theme, remixed on Chinese instruments


I should pack. Something. Besides the three-hole punch, I mean.
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In case there is ANYONE on the planet who hasn't seen this yet, Mumford & Sons has released the official video for HOPELESS WANDERER and it is, well, it's epic:

Don't, like, drink anything while you're watching.
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"It's impossible to go anywhere in Wellington at the moment, even if it's an old skatepark in Avalon, Lower Hutt, and not have actors from The Hobbit trying to upstage us..."

Seriously. SERIOUSLY. Just...
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brb, dying FOREVER. (Seriously. Watch it on HD.)

Also, I don't remember if I mentioned this here, but I think a Thorin/Bilbo vid to this song would be HILARIOUS:

Except maybe the original, though I really do like this version a lot.

RunRabbitRun has written more Babies of the House of Durin fic. I need all the hugs: Midwifery.

Also, I need more Babies of the House of Durin fic.


I think I'm going to type up some of the essays I wrote TEN YEARS AGO when I was freaking out about The Two Towers. They'll be awful, but there's one in particular that explains me as a fan and...well, it's still true.
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So embedding is disabled, but there is nothing about this music video that I don't love. Antebellum spiritual with krumping and Chinese masks (and, you know, MAGIC)? Yeah, I'm in.

Bottom of the River

There's also Dance in the Graveyards, which is equally beautiful.

When I die, I don't wanna rest in peace,
I wanna dance in joy,
I wanna dance in the graveyards...
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It is entirely possible that I am going to listen to this on repeat until my roommates kill me.

P!nk. Fun.. Seriously.
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Apparently Bear McCreary watches fan-covers of the BSG stuff on Youtube? And decided to give awards to the ones he liked the most? HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

I'll tell you how awesome:

1. Passacaglia on the pipe organ.
2. Prelude to War as a heavy metal anthem.
3. Creative use of computer parts, for extra meta.
4. Creative use of actual toasters.

And more!
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This is why it's very very dangerous to fall asleep on school trips.

So much love!
A video with me actually talking in it, about the best song I have ever played in church

(Do they pick the most unfortunate frame they can find for the still? SERIOUSLY, what is my face doing?)

Music! Laughs! Terrible lighting!

I shall practice and get better. :)

Song Rec

Apr. 18th, 2012 10:09 am
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Apparently, when Erin Bow saw her in concert, she came through the side door and sang this walking through the crowd. I think I might have passed out, had I been there.


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