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2017-03-18 05:34 pm

Toronto ComiCon

Such a good day at Toronto ComiCon. It came together kinda last minute, so I was a bit worried, but it turned out so well. I think there were 40 books, and only 8 were left at the end? And a bunch of people had brought their own copies, so I actually saw a lot of people. It was pretty great. The 501st were awesome hosts.

And the costumes! Were so great.



I was just setting up when he walked past, and I think he was surprised by how excitedly I was all "CAN I TAKE YOUR PICTURE?" but then the 501st guys (who are basically professionals) were ALSO really impressed (I had assumed he was one of them, but he wasn't!). Anyway. SUPER impressive.


These Reys were super cute, comparing staffs (the one on the left is the 501st, so she was telling the other woman how she'd done it. They're actually both holding 501st weapons in the shot, which I thought was super nice of them).


I love family cosplays, and I love how smart girls are about coming up with ways to cosplay BB-8.


YOU GUYS. YOU GUYS. (Yes, I was sitting down behind, like, six people when they walked past. Yes, I yelled "WAIT COME BACK" and chased them a little bit. YES, THAT CHILD HAS THE MOST PERFECT HAN POSE OF ALL TIME.)


"Rey!" said the taller one, and then handed over her lightsaber for the picture. I'm not crying, it's raining on my face.


This is my favourite Phasma, I think.


I saw these two on the way in, but was too far away, so I was SUPER glad they came by my booth! They couldn't fit the Sabé headdress in the car, so her new goal is to build one that can be taken off if needed during the day.


Jyn! I asked if she made the coat, because it was REALLY good quality, and she said she bought it online because of the sewing (all my cosplay friends were in FITS after they saw the stills, because of the sleeves), but she made the cowl.


And at last, on the way back into the train station, I saw this family. The little girl dressed as Rex was SUPER into being photographed, and the Ezra was getting the hang of posing (pun intended!). I love the way this Ahsoka uses gold tights for skin coverage. She looked amazing.


And here is me, safely back at The Sister's (I have to do pass pages by tomorrow night, so). The skirt and petticoat are Her Universe. The tank top and blazer are mine, and the scarf is from Think Geek. I got compliments on the skirt all day long (Me: Why did we stop wearing petticoats? Me, trying to pee: Oh. Right. That.), and it was awesome.

An excellent day. Hopefully I can do another con in TO sometime. This one was super fun.