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Gone Tech, Being Human: Remember that time Karl Urban got his own TV show for a bit and it was PRETTY GREAT and also delightfully weird at times? Well now there is a really great fanvid. I think it's also got enough of Karl Urban's face in it that you could like it without having seen the show because: Karl Urban's face. This is one of those delightfully unsubtle music choices, and the vidder did a GREAT job of editing. It feels like dialogue all the way through.

Long Live, LotR Appendices: I totally read the song for this and was all "Welp, I guess I haven't cried THAT many times this week. I can handle some more." Spoilers: it was worth it.

Moves Like Yahweh, Prince of Egypt: Come for the pun, stay for the excellence.

Get Lucky, Singing In The Rain: I saw the title and new I'd love it! I like vids where there's dancing in the original any, and this one did not disappoint!

Vid Rec!

Jun. 1st, 2013 06:28 pm
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Well, Vid RecS, I guess. It was vidukon. People were amazing. The usual. :)

First up we have England, a Doctor Who vid by [ profile] such_heights that is 99% Companions and 100% amazing. I often ask myself why I can't seem to give this show up, and this vid basically encompasses why. As annoyed as I get with it sometimes, at its heart, it is a show about a bunch of wonderfully human people, and the thing they all have in common is that in addition to knowing when to run, they know when to stop, and to look up.

(I thought this was going to be a Sad Video TM, but it was the opposite of that, and I am all the better for it.)

Next up is Le Morte de Morgana, a Merlin video by [ profile] obsessive24 that, well, the vidder's goal was to cut out all the random evil looks and stabbing Basically, I always forget that this story is going to be a tragedy, and this video is a study in that. Plus the timing is RIDICULOUS. By which I mean WONDERFUL.

I still haven't even seen long portions of MASS EFFECT, and I have no idea how one makes a fanvid for a video game, but [ profile] beccatoria has absolutely NAILED IT with Bleeding Out. Because all the Shepards, all of them, will choose to save you, and thanks to Becca's fantastic editing skills, we get to see exactly that.
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Girls (Run the World)

Seriously, I might actually watch that show.

(OMG, who ARE all those people?)

(Don't answer that.)
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I am, very slowly, going through Festivids. The HAVEN vid was excellent, but I would like to mostly talk about DEVIL'S TATTOO, which is for TRUE GRIT.

I really love TRUE GRIT. I had no idea what it was about before I saw it, except I knew that it was weird that Hailee Steinfeld* was nominated for Best Supporting Actress when she was in every scene in the movie, and also the POV character AND the narrator. Oh, and that there was a snake.

But that was it.

I saw TRUE GRIT on the plane when I was coming home from Jordan. I was very tired, but I was pretty sure I loved it. I watched it again, and also read the book (and, um, every fanfic I could get my hands on. As you do), and yes: I love it.

Mostly, though, I love Mattie Ross. And this video? This video is why. She is small. She is a girl. She knows what she is doing is not precisely moral. She is going to do it anyway. She will find, or insist upon, help, as she needs it. And she will pay the price.

*UGH, she's also playing Petra in the movie adaptation of Ender's Game which looks to have SUCH AN AMAZING CAST (except for the part where they're all too old, of course) and I have ALL THE CONFLICTED FEELINGS about it.
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Every now and then, there's a fanvid that isn't technically perfect, isn't made with the best quality of shots, is kind of a cracked-out idea, and yet, somehow, is STILL AMAZING.

Part of that is the fact that the clip choices are all exactly perfect. Part of that is the fact that I adore the song. Part of that is that √Čomer is just REALLY ATTRACTIVE, OKAY?

Mostly, though, it's just fun.

Because it should be ridiculous. And somehow it comes all the way back to profound.
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I'm pretty sure I watched this vid when Becca posted it, and was awe of it that I couldn't even comment with "....HOLY CRAP!". Clearly, I am a terrible internet friend, but I am making up for it a bit now by reccing the vid in question.

To say this vid is unconventional would be putting it mildly. To say it is genius would be an understatement. To attempt to describe it at all would be a waste of words.

Quantum Theory

Vid Rec!

Sep. 23rd, 2012 07:42 pm
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Hey! It's a week and change until Once Upon A Time comes back, and what better way to celebrate than with a vid?

Rama Lama (bang bang), by [ profile] flummery.

This vid is amazing both in that it is a really good vid, and in that it manages to take a song I very, very strongly associate with other visuals (in this case, a SYTYCD performance) and work with the OUaT source material.

Plus, you know, the pretty.

Vid Rec!

Sep. 10th, 2012 09:28 pm
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And this time it's a song I know, so I don't have to worry about getting obsessed with it.

Ordinary Day, by [ profile] icepixie: Monsters? Mad scientists? Alternate universes? Extremely high doses of mind-altering drugs? It's just another ordinary day in Fringe Division...

Fringe isn't often a HAPPY show, but sometimes it makes me feel happy anyway, and this is a lovely and uncomplicated look at most of the reasons why I adore it so much. Brilliant clip choice and great editing make an unusual song choice really shine.
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1. [ profile] penknife is not in this fandom. But that doesn't stop her from writing some SPECTACULAR fic. For instance, Playground has some of the best Hulk POV I've ever seen. And then check out her Avengers tag. You will not regret it.


...I thought there were more. Apparently I'm just really excited.
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And also because it never stops being funny:

Possibly one of the most hilarious presents I've ever received, care of [ profile] faith_king. :)

(The bit with the fan is still my favourite part. Well, that and the bit where they're running through the woods. Bella/Edward/Cheeseburger OTP!)
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Last night, I started re-reading [ profile] melyanna's semi-epic Season 8/Season 1 SG-1/Stargate Atlantis crossover THE CROSSROADS OF ESHU, wherein Sam gets transported to an Alternate Universe where Elizabeth is still in charge of the SGC and...well, much awesomeness transpires. This wasn't the first AU I ever read, but it's a really good one. Lots of consideration went into picking the divergence point, and then structuring the world and the reasons for it. And then the ending is just excellent. :)

Plus, THERE IS A SHINY TRAILER, which will always have a special place in my heart, because that is how I met [ profile] faith_king:

(Jack and John have a conversation in an elevator that NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED. I love it.)

(Also, [ profile] melyanna has both a Mitchell AND a Caldwell in this story...neither of whom had been introduced to the audience when she wrote it.)

Anyway, I'm now in full out Atlantis-mode. I gave some thought to re-reading [ profile] stargate_ren, so I read up to the Solstice story, and then scrolled down the page to see how many more were left and, WOW, THERE WERE A LOT. But I guess it's been half a decade. ;)

FANDOM, I LOVE YOU. That's basically what it comes down to. As usual. :)

*fights off Atlantis vid-bunnies for "Run" and "4 Minutes"*

Vid Rec

Feb. 19th, 2012 11:24 pm
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This is one of those vids that I rec because it is amazing, even if you don't really follow the canons. In my case, I watch Sherlock, I have an awareness of House and I have heard of Fortysomething, and it STILL blew my mind.

In the beginning, there was Sherlock Holmes. And Holmes brought forth the brilliant doctor House, embodied by the lovely Hugh Laurie. Who prior to that in Fortysomething played a slightly less brilliant doctor, Paul Slippery, who begat three sons, the eldest of whom was played by the equally-lovely-if-somewhat-peculiarly-named Benedict Cumberbatch. Who of course grew up to play Sherlock. And the Universe looked upon its work and pronounced it good. And then my head exploded.

A House is not a Holmes (okay, so that's not what the vidder calls it, but seriously, like I am going to pass it up!)

What I love about this vid is the mirroring of the two main canons (House and Sherlock), and the "flashbacks" to Fortysomething. It's totally not flashy, and the song isn't fast or beat-y enough for quick cuts. It's just this beautifully constructed thing, and if you'll excuse me, I have to go watch it a million more times.
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I've finished my first pass through this year's [ profile] festivids, which basically means I've watched all the vids for fandoms I'm familiar with, and have made up a list of the ones I love and why I love them. Hopefully, in poking around other people's rec lists, I'll get some "new" stuff too!

First up is Jailbreak, a brilliantly edited Star Wars vid detailing the criminal tendencies of our favourite rebels. This vid is basically the opposite of the Mary Poppins one I squeed about yesterday (short clips and quick cuts), but the editing is similarly flawless, and we all know how I feel about explosions in time with the music. I completely failed to mention this in my comment on the vid, but the ESB portion of the edit is just AMAZING for about a hundred reasons (several of which are kissing). Also, there's a wonderfully executed musical joke at the beginning. I absolutely adore this vid.

Next we have Eye of the Tiger, for A Knight's Tale. To quote the festividder, "A Knight's Tale is both 20 years too late and nearly 700 years too early to be a 1980s sports movie. That doesn't stop it from trying." This vid is tone perfect for the movie...and absolutely adorable on all fronts.

a message for you manages to capture everything that made me cry during Big Fish and reduce me to tears is less than two minutes. The music selection is very Elfman-esque, which only makes it better, and the clips served as a perfect sample, reminding me of how beautifully shot the movie was.

I still haven't watched much Eureka, but I'm pretty sure (Fargo) For the First Time captures the spirit of the show. ;)

Festivids: Because where else are you going to get a fanvid for The Great Mouse Detective?

Emily/Nolan(/Destruction) kind of snuck up on me...just like Revenge did. Besides, what's a vidding challenge without Ke$ha? Blow is fast and reckless and a little bit uncomfortable, just like the show.

And, last but certainly not least, the vid for Mulan. Ain't No Other Man takes all of my favourite Mulan moments and sets them to a song with about ten different meanings. Plus, timed lightning! And you know how I feel about that. Mostly, though, I got the impression that the vidder likes Mulan for exactly the same reasons I do, and made the vid I would love to make, which is always awesome to find randomly. ;)


Oh, and if you like Star Wars, I really recommend Star Wars Uncut, before it gets pulled down. Basically, it's A New Hope as remade by fans in 15 second increments. It sounds a bit hokey, but the end result is a shot by shot reproduction of the movie, using a wide variety of media, as made by people who really love Star Wars. My favourite parts are the people who sing along with the sound track, and the sheer number of times Leia is played by a little girl. ;)
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I'm only half-way through the alphabet, but I've reached Mary Poppins and I am declaring my winner for Festivids.

You Make Me Feel So Young


This vid has no flash cuts or effects whatsoever, and the song has that lazy, Frank Sinatra feel. And I think it might be the best edited piece of work I HAVE EVER SEEN. It's mostly from Bert's POV, and, as you probably know, Bert spends quite a bit of time in Mary Poppins dancing. He's still dancing in this vid, my friends, EXCEPT HE'S DANCING TO DIFFERENT MUSIC. It is ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR.

At first I was all "Oh, cool! A Mary Poppins vid!" and by the end I was staring at my computer LIKE I WAS A CODFISH, because I was so very, very impressed.

In addition the perfection of the timing for the dance sequences, the vid also had wonderfully literal clip selection, which I am always a fan of. And very little in the way of talking heads.

UGH, I may never get my brain back inside my head.

Vid Rec!

Jan. 21st, 2012 09:05 am
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So Festivids is live! And I was going to wait and do all the recs at once, but THERE IS A TANGLED VID, and there are people who need to know this, so:

Everything Comes and Goes


Vid Rec

Jan. 18th, 2012 01:34 pm
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I am making ALL THE HAPPY NOISES about this.

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I really, really love this vid. There aren't any flashy effects or quick cuts. The music doesn't have a super compelling beat. This vid is just pure structure: a story set to music with the perfect build and the perfect bend. And the perfect beginning. Because I imagine that if it's difficult to string together short clips to fit the music, it must be well nigh impossible to do it with limited editing...and that's what the opening of this vid is: just a perfect introduction, with lines of music over lines of dialogue, and then the lyrics start at exactly the right moment. It's absolutely lovely.

Sanctuary For All (And None), by [ profile] apatheticsong. Spoilers for the season finale.

Oh, William. Oh, Helen.
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1. I LOVE THIS ICON. And now I have space for it. And also, Emma might get the joke. ;)


"The general awesome of Darth Vader's daughter", indeed!

OH, and if you haven't already read [ profile] faith_king's Nerdiest Favourite should:

Old NES games and new Harry Potter
The general AWESOME of Darth Vader's daughter
The moment I found out that Zac Levi sings...
These are a few of my favourite things!
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In the meantime, Ron Weasley:

Oh, Ron.


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