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Both of my 2015 books were selected by the Ontario Library Association as Best Bets! Prairie Fire made their Top Ten list, and A Thousand Nights received an Honourable Mention.

They get official stickers this year and everything! (OWEN was also a Top Ten last year, but the stickers are new!)


As a side bonus, I kept getting yelled at by random librarians at the OLA conference, which took place last week, as they were all upset about the ending of Prairie Fire. #Iregretnothing :)

45 days until EXIT, PURSUED BY A BEAR!


Sep. 11th, 2015 09:16 pm
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(the non-Star Wars edition)

I had some mail waiting for me when I got home from The Woods:






IMG_20150911_204012150'll probably be a while before I open the Star Wars boxes, tbh. I am having a moment.
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But it's so SERIOUSLY WRITTEN. And it mirrors my own dragon population projection! AND IT SOURCES NEWT SCAMANDER.

Zoology: Here Be Dragons
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The American School Library Journal does their own version of March Madness every spring. This year, THE STORY OF OWEN went up against a non-fiction book called THE PORT CHICAGO 50, and Rachel Hartman (Seraphina, Shadow Scale), who I adore beyond all reason, was the judge, and said some really nice things about my book.

(I agree with her 100%, actually. Her line of reasoning is brilliant, and her decision is wonderful. The only thing that makes me sad is that Elizabeth Wein is the judge of the next round, and now I'll never find out what she thinks of OWEN. But that is a little thing, and not really super important.)


If any of you have read and posted about PRAIRIE FIRE, and I have somehow missed it (I have been traveling a lot, so my internet has been all over the place), let me know. Likewise, if any of you read it and review it on Amazon, THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. Um, unless you hated it, in which case never tell me. :)


I am off to Homer, New York this weekend for a writing workshop/book club event. It should be fun! I will get to drive a lot and sing and maybe come up with a plot for SPINDLE. Or something.


I am sure I'm forgetting something. It's very annoying. I have my food for tomorrow (aaaaaaah, work!), and I think I've sent all the emails I need to? That's the dream, anyway. I want to watch THE CLONE WARS so that I can watch REBELS so that I can't be spoiled for it on tumblr accidentally.
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I bought a bookshelf! And put it together! And learned, by the by, that it is 100% easier to do that with a hammer and screwdriver than it is to do it with a butter knife and a heavy shoe. So go me, for (finally) buying myself a tool kit for Christmas!

My office is SUPER crowded now, but I care not because: ACTION FIGURES (etc). As soon as I bring them in from the car.


The blogs that I wrote last week are starting to get posted, along with some reviews of OWEN.

I was asked why OWEN appeals to younger readers, and my answer is: It's A Trap (the last gif should be Gandalf's "it is undoubtedly a trap", but I didn't do the coding, so I can't really complain).

Also, there is a review on Writer's Rumpus that says some lovely things.


Hobbit fic, I tell you.
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I should have come up with a name that is slightly easier to say...

ANYWAY, this week on the blog, it's all about music, specifically music from YouTube, as I talk about Walk off the Earth, Heather Dale, and the Brooklyn Duo each represent a facet of what I was going for when I came up with how Siobhan was going to write music, and Emily was going to make her famous.

The Story of YouTube


Not that, you know, I'm counting. MUCH.
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As part of my run-up to Prairie Fire's launch, I am attempting to blog again. Once a week. I am sure I can handle this. ;)

ANYWAY, for those of you who were following me back in 2011, you may recall a day when I went out on fieldwork and everything was perfect. This didn't happen a lot in Alberta, but that day was good enough that I called the lj post Today Was A Fairy-Tale. That was the day that PRAIRIE FIRE started, and OWEN wasn't even finished yet.

And then, a sequel.

As always, thank you so much for being my f-list. I have no idea where I'd be without you.
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No, not that star.

But one for PRAIRIE FIRE from Kirkus!

I am very excited (since Kirkus liked OWEN so much, I was terrified that they wouldn't like PRAIRIE FIRE), and pleased. AND ALSO: THERE IS AN EXCELLENT PULL QUOTE, because apparently that is how my brain works now.
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So remember how on Monday I was all "Don't worry about the Morris, that would be pointless"?

Yeah: Morris 2015 Finalists Announced.
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[ profile] rj_anderson sent me this vid, and I was all "That is almost perfect, except not quite!" and then I heard the actual song, and was all "PERFECT, BUT, OH GOD, THE VID!"

So we met in the middle.

Also, Emily doesn't think Siobhan is being dramatic enough.
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Today we meet Declan Porter, who is absolutely not based on my two favourite (fictional) SAS officers, and is TOTALLY not played by Richard Armitage.




(okay, maybe just a little)
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Hello everyone!

I am getting ready to reveal my cover (which, tbh, people have already seen because ARCs, but WHATEVER), on tumblr. I am doing a similar thing to what I did last year, except instead of talking about books, Siobhan is blogging about the songs she "wrote" (and the people who "covered" them).

Here is the first one, if you want a look, and there will be one a day until Friday when the cover goes up.

Personal note: if you have a tumblr and would like to reblog it, that would be great. If you wanted to mention that it's my in-universe narrator blogging in character and also hint that the cover reveal will be Friday, that would be AMAZING. :)
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Moonbeam Award

A twitter follower actually told me I had won, and then I poked around on Google until I found the website with the announcement. The Moonbeam Awards are handed out at the Traverse City Book Festival, and promote "readable" books. So that's nice! Plus it's an actual medal, which is kind of exciting.
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So taking into account yesterday's lj post...

THE STORY OF OWEN has been selected as one of the nominees for the new Kirkus Prize. Out of all the starred reviews Kirkus did this year, they picked 2 picture books, 2 Middle Grades, and 2 YA. The other YA book is non-fiction.

I'm still kind of in shock.
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I make a decision about world building, a terrible pun (involving Latin), and hint strongly that my next book will involve more of the same.

No one is really surprised, are they?
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I got to spend most of yesterday in lovely Bayfield, so of course I had to write about it.

(Pretty towns! Oxford Commas! Too much chicken! Silent auction feuds-in-the-making!)
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THE STORY OF OWEN has been reviewed by the New York Times! It's about as kind as these things get, too. So that's excellent.

And now back to my original plan for Friday: aggressive napping.
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Out of Stock

Temporarily out of stock



(It's sold out everywhere, btw, because Chapters is listing it as 'ships in 3-5 weeks' and the Book Depository is also out. has one copy remaining.)

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I had my launch party last night at this amazing toy store called Family & Co., and it was amazing. So many people showed up! It was good times. Here are some of the highlights (well, some of the highlights before the Official Pictures go up…)

My sister called me earlier in the week and asked what club it was the students form. I told her it was called The Guard, and then she hung up the phone. I emailed [ profile] emmaorgana, and said “I don’t want to get your hopes up, but I think the babies might be coming in costume.”

Baby Dragons

The babies totally came in costume. The t-shirts say “The Guard” on the front and “Dragon Slayer in Training” on the back.

(That's OB-Wan, holding Tiny, me holding The Angry Bird, my best friend's husband with their son, Baby Gaby, and The Miami Project in the front.)

Dragons Slayers in Training

So cute. Also, that’s the stuffed dragon my mother made for me for Christmas a few years ago. His name is Bean.

The Cake

Friend-Rachel made me 6 dozen cupcakes (all demolished), and this AMAZING cake topper! You can’t see from here, but the top actually looks like a ploughed field! DRAGONS! AND TRACTORS! Perfection.

Kate Signs

And here I am, signing.


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