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I really, really love this vid. There aren't any flashy effects or quick cuts. The music doesn't have a super compelling beat. This vid is just pure structure: a story set to music with the perfect build and the perfect bend. And the perfect beginning. Because I imagine that if it's difficult to string together short clips to fit the music, it must be well nigh impossible to do it with limited editing...and that's what the opening of this vid is: just a perfect introduction, with lines of music over lines of dialogue, and then the lyrics start at exactly the right moment. It's absolutely lovely.

Sanctuary For All (And None), by [ profile] apatheticsong. Spoilers for the season finale.

Oh, William. Oh, Helen.
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AN: Written for [ profile] skidmo, for [ profile] sanctuary_santa. The request was Declan/James with Nikola (sort of), and that's more or less what I did.
Spoilers: End of Night
Disclaimer: I wish!
Rating: Kid friendly
Character/Pairing: Declan MacRae, James Watson, Nikola Tesla (Declan/James, implied James/Nikola)
Summary: Declan had come into this with his eyes wide open, but there are certain things he had never in his wildest dreams expected to see.

Key Word Search

Obvious writer was obvious. ;)
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AN: And so begins the post season four deluge...


Rating: Kid friendly

Disclaimer: I do not own Sanctuary and I do not profit from this work. But it was fun. ;)

Characters/Pairing: Will Zimmerman, Nikola Tesla

Summary: The whole thing reminds Will of a nightmare he’s never had.

Other People's Dreams )

Gravity_Not_Included, January 1, 2012
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Being not content with limiting itself to Nikola Tesla, Sanctuary has gone and added Buckminster Fuller to the canon, increasing its number of overlooked/obscure/amusingly quirky steampunk-style geniuses. Here are some things about Fuller that might come in handy, should he appear in your fanfic.

The things this show makes me learn... )

You can find more through wiki and the various links: here.

There's also the Buckminster Fuller Institute, which has good pictures (I am coveting the map SO HARD!), and some of his books (and books about him).

Have fun!
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That was certainly a finale!

Spoilers )

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The next time a Teslen tells you that Will and Helen can never be together because she is so much older than he is, feel free to remind them that Helen now has a hundred and nineteen years on Nikola (and a hundred and twenty on John, depending on how you count his birthday).

You can have that one for free. ;)
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I am DYING OF GIGGLES over Multifacted, a Sanctuary Hurt/Comfort fic in which Will gets, well, everything.
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You guys.

One year ago today, to stave off the loneliness of my Christmas in Alberta, I started watching season one of a little show some of you may be familiar with called "Sanctuary". It's fair to say that, since then, my life has changed.

More than any other fannish thing I have done, Sanctuary has shaped me as a person. It's widened my circle of friends. It's made me a better writer. It's made me think about issues I never would have considered, and in doing so has made me a better person.

I wanted to say thank you. For adding me to your f-list. For reading my stuff and saying constructive things about it. For not un-friending me when I posted nine times about "Normandy". For helping me through this year, which saw great change and growth.

And, because it can never be said too often, I LOVE HELEN MAGNUS. She's scary and awesome, and I'm glad she's on TV. Find a little Helen Magnus in yourselves, my friends, whether it's a pair of boots with heels or the resolve to stand up for what you believe in. Make choices. Embrace them, even when they are bad. Find your way out of the Underworld by choosing to live.

And, seriously, there STILL hasn't been any "spring time in Vienna" fic. I'm just saying. ;)
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SERIOUSLY? WE ARE CHANGING GREGORY'S TIMELINE AGAIN? I have SERIOUS PROBLEMS believing he was around during the whole Worth thing (or that he even KNEW Worth, because, WHY would he have been okay with the dude being in Hollow Earth?), and...ARGH, we've now moved from 1892 to 1898 to 1909 and IT BOTHERS ME (and that's leaving aside the part where he'd be about 80 in 1909...).

Moving on!

Something about gazing into the abyss and something else about gazing back. )

Please don't spoil me for the finales, including cast members and things in the Sneak Peaks, which we don't get up here anyway. I've managed to make it this far, and I'd love to make it two more weeks!
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I didn't really have a lot of thoughts about this episode (well, DEEP thoughts: the first thirty minutes were pretty much me flapping my hands in casting GLEE and being in love with Helen Magnus), until the penultimate scene, at which point Amanda Tapping and Christopher Heyerdahl nearly killed me. BECAUSE, GOOD LORD, THOSE TWO.

(And I can't really talk about how much I COMPLETELY ADORE the differences between a Helen/John scene and a Helen and the Big Guy scene. It's like they're both COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE.)

I'm a bit annoyed that the Space Channel is holding the last few episodes back until December 30, but, LORDEE, the end of season this has set up! If we don't get picked up, it's going to KILL us. ;)

Mostly, though, I'm thrilled about HELEN LOOKING AWESOME and WEARING HEELS and KICKING ASS and SO ON. *pets her show*

Oh, music!

Dec. 14th, 2011 01:52 pm
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So it turns out I love Abney Park. I blame [ profile] beccatoria.

And this should be a James vid. Or vidlet. Or possibly encompass all of The Five. I'm working on the details.

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Like a dog chasing a car )

Overall I was quite pleased with everything. Possibly my favourite ep since Tempus.
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This? This is why I like to not be spoiled before I watch episodes of Sanctuary.

Looking for Requiem in all the wrong places. )
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Well, it's not the best episode of TV called "Homecoming I've seen this week.

Technically, it's not a pun. )

Um, I've been annoyed at a bunch of things today. Please take that into account when commenting.


Nov. 12th, 2011 11:21 am
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Dear Sanctuary Santa )



(and you can sign up too!)

(Oh, and also Yuletide.)
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I would love, love to make a Helen/James(/John) vid to Ingrid Michaelson's "Turn To Stone".

I know that I am nothing new.
There's so much more than me and you.
But, brother, how we must atone
Before we turn to stone.

I'm not making it, btw, because I am pretty sure that most of the footage I want is actually from fanfic. But, lordy, this song. Just breaks my heart.

(And it's another entry in the "I can't believe I found this on SYTYCD!" file.)


I'm also never making a John/Helen (from John's POV) vid to Mumford and Sons' "Roll Away Your Stone":

Roll away your stone, I’ll roll away mine
Together we can see what we will find
Don’t leave me alone at this time,
For I am afraid of what I will discover inside

Also, there's a delightful MacBeth theme later on.


I'd love, LOVE to make Will/Helen vid to Sting's "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic", but I'm pretty sure it would get sarcastic really quickly, despite my best intentions. ;)


I think that's it for today. Though I think Eddie Vedder's "Hard Sun" would make an excellent "everyone else's POV of Helen" vid.


So...VID BUNNIES FOR SALE FREE TO A GOOD HOME! *looks around hopefully, expecting crickets*


Nov. 7th, 2011 08:52 pm
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Everything about "For King and Country" is more amazing now that Helen has spoilers ).


The music is MUCH MORE AMAZING on a TV with working speakers. Just saying.

*covets season three commentaries*

But the TV will do. ;)

This has been a public service announcement.
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I...think I liked it?

Spoilers )

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Hey all!

So the bad news is that Sanctuary got cut from Yuletide this year. I think we all know who is responsible. ;)

The good news is that, with minimal prodding encouragement, I helped [ profile] ceilidh talk herself into running a Sanctuary Holiday Challenge Of As Yet Unspecified Format. She has posted a poll here, to gauge interest and format preferences, and you should totally answer the questions!

NOTE FOR ALL: Since it's the holidays, and since it's how we roll, there will be NO TOLERANCE for character bashing. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything. And so on.


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