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I feel I should back up the previous "Doctor Whooves" post with the clip of what actually happened in the scene the MLP is ripping off.

Oh, David Tennant. I still don't like you. But that was pretty funny.
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Don't let me eat pears! I HATE PEARS!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, there are more of them (including allons-y


(And, once again, the internet wins.)
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I realized that I never actually posted the rec for that Game of Thrones vid I talked about when I explained why I sat down and watched the show over the weekend. So here's the rec. The song is "Thistle And Weeds" which I had never heard, by Mumford and Sons, which I'd only heard of because of the Lion song. Anyway, the first 20 seconds of the vid was enough to make me watch the show. It's really that good. The vid focuses primarily on Dany and her various relationships. It pulls no punches. Literally. But the song encompasses Dany's determination and the path she takes to find her power, which was something I adored in the series itself. I also really, really liked the editing (which I won't spoil for you), and the song is a wonderful kind of understatedly epic that makes me wonder why no one ever pointed me at Mumford and Son's before.

Thistle and Weeds: Fire cannot kill the dragon.


In a COMPLETELY different direction, we have the ADORABLE PONDS from Eleventy!Who, in a vid called "You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate", which pretty much tells you everything you need to know. The song and clip choices complement one another perfectly, and the tone of the vid is spot on with the series itself.

You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate: Oh, Ponds.


I should probably have mentioned that all of these are from Vividcon, which I did not attend but looked forward to because I knew there would be great vids afterward. This next vid was the "intro", and it might just be the day I'm having, but I totally cried. FANDOM, you guys! AND VIDDING! *hugs everyone*

Intro Vid 2011: Welcome all


This next vid covers a whopping SEVENTEEN YEARS (some of which overlap, but still) of footage. All Stargate, all the time (and it says something about the Ancients that I agree with...I think!).

High Voltage


There is not enough "How To Train Your Dragon" out there. Just sayin'.

Roll With the Changes
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I seem to be having this conversation about once a month now, and I figured I might as well make a post about it. If nothing else, I may enable [ profile] irony_rocks instead of vice versa. There has to be a first time for everything...;)

I should probably point out here that of any fandom I've ever encountered, Doctor Who is the craziest. It could eat both Team Edward and Team Jacob for breakfast, tackle McShep and Spuffy for elevensies and still have enough room left to devour itself for lunch. It's a terrifying place, really, but also worth it. So I encourage you to watch, make your own opinions, and then join me hiding under the bed and just agree never to talk about it. Suffice it to say, everything that follows is my own opinion, and when it comes to Doctor Who, I am something of an outlier.

The other thing about Who is that it's been running FOREVER. You probably already know that. The length of the show, and the changes in the actors who play the various incarnations and the companions, are a large part of what contributes to the craziness of the fandom. Some people really hate Martha. Some people really hate Donna. Some people really hate Stephen Moffat. None of these people are afraid to share their ideas with you. This is inescapable.

(Note: I have, for the most part, been as vague as possible, but spoilers are probably inevitable. I have said NOTHING about the big twists of seasons five and six, though. So you're probably good. And honestly, if you're not expecting spoilers, you should just disconnect from the internet, plug in "Rose" and come back when you're all caught up. Still, I will give you a spoiler warning, because I am like that.)

As the [spoiler] with the blue [spoiler] says: Spoilers! )

To recap then:

Everything that everyone ever tells you about this show, including what you just read, is next to useless, once they finish telling you it's good and you should watch it. That said, my suggested episodes are:

The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
The Girl in the Fireplace
The Silence in the Library/The Forests of the Dead
Season Five
Season Six

After you do watch the show, find people who agree with you. Failing that, find people who don't bite and agree to focus on things that you happen to nearly agree on. Don't worry if you can't pick a favourite character (heck, I can't pick one and I've developed an entire flow chart about it...and I even cheated!). Don't worry if you can't pick a favourite episode. There's a lot to love. This is a show that's definitely bigger on the inside.

(But I swear, if you ship Ten/Rose, I may never speak to you again.)


(sort of...)


ETA: In the comments there are spoilers and discussions of Shakespeare (and, on occasion, both at the same time).
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YOU GUYS! I haven't made a cake in SO LONG (since Christmas, actually, and here in Ohio, at that!), and this one was SO VERY MUCH FUN.

And I believe I promised you theme music...

It's prettier on the inside! )

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[ profile] oparu has written a story. That's kind of a song. And really more of a poem. And completely wonderful. Mostly, I love the words. It's about River and Time and the TARDIS and the Ponds and the Doctor, and Beginnings and Endings and all of that, and it is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

She nudged the water, she's sure of it
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Man, I was not expecting so enthusiastic a response! It did make the afternoon pass by a lot more quickly, though, and I think I escaped without picking up any (huge) plot bunnies, so...we're good!

[ profile] shadadukal asked for Nikola

[ profile] jemster asked for Kate/Declan

[ profile] peanutbutterer asked for Ryan and Esposito

[ profile] laura_josephsen asked for The Doctor and River Song (Spoilers!)

[ profile] yappichick asked for Rapunzel/Eugene

[ profile] lanna_kitty asked for Helen Magnus

[ profile] lferion asked for James

[ profile] oparu asked for James/Declan

And [ profile] m_nivalis made the best f-list debut EVER with none other than The Yellow Slime Mold

I think my favourite one is In space, no one can hear you eating their shoes.
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I guess we'll find out if brevity really is the soul of wit...

1) Give me a fandom (Sanctuary is probably your best bet, but I'm willing to throw it completely open) plus character/pairing, and FIVE one-word prompts
2) I'll see if I can write you five one-sentence ficlets based on them

At least I managed to hold off almost fifteen minutes.
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I believe the phrase I'm looking for is "And then I died of cute".

(Spoilers for "The Pandorica Opens", but nothing else.)
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There's a clown in this one. Stephen Moffat certainly has my number. *shudders*

"Fear me, I've killed hundreds of Time Lords."
"Fear me. I killed all of them."


(Though not as much as I was over the Sanctuary teaser, obviously.)
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I love vids made to ridiculous songs, like that Star Trek TOS on to "Tik Tok", and this is definitely another solid entry. Who knew there were that many "one footed one-eighty twist"s in Who!Canon? ;)

(The beginning is a bit sketchy, but once it gets to the actual "lyrics" of the song, it's MARVELOUS.)

Also, excellent use of the "barbeque" lyric.

Yeah, even though it took me an hour to dig my car out and I'm not sure I could get it back IN and if I did, I'm almost positive I'd never get it out day is pretty much made. ;)
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As many of you know, [ profile] beccatoria celebrated NaNo this year by making a huge pile of vidlets. My personal favourite was called "A Thousand Good-Byes", featuring River Song and the Doctor. The vidlet (which is practically a vid, since it's two minutes long), is just stunning.

A Thousand Good-Byes

As if that wasn't awesome enough, the original prompter [ profile] tellislant wrote a fic to accompany the video which is EQUALLY STUNNING. It's encompassed the vid, in that it comes at the Doctor/River from both sides, and it's just funny and sad and scary and perfect.

Every New Verse

Also, there's a lovely Star Wars short to "What A Good Boy" by the BNL: Boy & Girl
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Also, because [ profile] beccatoria is crazier than I am, she has decided to make 30 vidlets in the month of November. And today's is JUST INCREDIBLE. It's River Song, and the song is perfect (even though I had no idea that group did "nice" songs), and it's JUST BEAUTIFUL.

A Thousand Good-Byes
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I'll admit it, when series five of Doctor Who began, I was nervous. I was on my last nerve with the show. I didn't even watch "The End of Time". The only thing that made me think about tuning in was the fact that The Moff was taking over (okay, and that Tennant was gone).

But I did tune in. And as I watching, I realized that I had a feeling welling up inside my chest that I wasn't used to feeling. It was GLEEE. Not happiness, not joy, but GLEEE. Capital G, capital L, capital triple E, GLEEE! I hadn't felt like that since "The Doctor Dances". AND IT WAS AWESOME.

Shortly afterward, I heard the song "Dive", by Steven Curtis Chapman. In addition to the things I could see in myself on a personal level, I could also see Eleven and Amy, and how much I loved watching them. And yes, there are 10 seconds in the very centre of the song that don't work at all, but I've worked around that to the best of my ability (ie. left it blank).

In terms of process, this vid was a bit funny. I had a perfect picture in my head for the "story" of the vid...but the story ends with two minutes left in the song. I was able to shed 30 seconds, but still, quite a bit of shifting on my part.

The good news is that Eleven practically vids himself, and Amy is beyond cute 99% of the time. The bad news is that they DON'T STOP TALKING, so this vid suffers a tiny bit from "talking head" syndrome.

Basically, this is the story of how I met Eleven, how I met Amy, and how much I loved watching them in that first episode. I did cheat a bit and use other episodes, but I tried to stick primarily with scenes from "The Eleventh Hour" where ever I could. There are six or eight clips that I was absolutely set on, and I think they've worked out. The song makes me happy, the vid makes me happy, the show makes me happy! Good times all around.

And notice that this time I tried for short clips! Nothing over five seconds (except for the 10 second black clip, which is on purpose)! ;)

Embedded )

Or you can download it here.
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Toothy and partial to Scottish redheads. So...pretty much like always. ;) (Remember how that one time way back in the Stone Age, Tom Cruise jumped up and down on a couch and shouted "I'm in love with Katie Holmes!"? That's kind of how I feel about Amy. Except I am not creepy. And I was jumping on my bed. And I was saying "Amy Pond".)

. .

. .

. .

Font of the Day is called Tiza (with some Trebuchet thrown in, because "psychiatrists" is an impossibly long word). I did not make the backdrop for the final two "biting" icons, but rather found the shot on Google Images.
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Even though I spent FOREVER waiting for the Alice in Wonderland stills, I cannot resist the temptation to make an Amy Pond header. So I have.

[ profile] grav_ity[ profile] grav_ity[ profile] grav_ity[ profile] grav_ity

Basically, this is two pictures. I edited the crap out of Amy's hair, and added a lens flare, because that's how I roll. The edge shots are the same photo with differences in colour and saturation. Quotation is from Farscape.

Aside from that (and this icon!), nothing else is new.
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I don't read a lot of Who fic. Because it scares me. But the stuff I read is by people I like and trust, and this is one of those times I am GLAD TO HAVE INTERNET FRIENDS (well, more glad than usual).

I am going to put the rec behind a cut, because the NA networks are behind, and you don't all know how it ends. When it ends, come back and READ THIS STORY.


I am SO GLAD we can have happily-ever-afters in this fandom again! YOU HAVE NO IDEA.
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I have watched SO MANY vids today, f-list, but NONE OF THEM made me smile as much as this one did.

After "The Eleventh Hour" aired, I remember feeling happy. I hadn't felt happy about Doctor Who in what felt like FOREVER. And this vid? ALSO WITH THE HAPPY.

Brand New Day, by [ profile] humansrsuperior has a peppy song, brilliantly selected clips (most of which match the lyrics rather exactly), and this feeling of JOY to it that just made me smile all day long.

(There are some clips from episodes that I don't think have aired yet...but they aren't spoilery. Also, there are some clips that must be from confidentials, because I certainly don't remember the air guitar, and I think I would have done.)

Who Icons!

Apr. 17th, 2010 10:50 pm
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The wonderful (if somewhat misguided :p) [ profile] snowflakie did screen caps for Doctor Who, and I have UNSPOILERY ICONS!

. .

. .

I believe I had mentioned previously that my life changed forever with the discovery of the lens flare effect? ;)
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AN: I am writing for [ profile] vickysg1 who requested “Crossover with Doctor Who, the Doctor (Ten) and Donna land in Atlantis, no mention of Rose, please.” Man, did I ever panic when I got this prompt! It was fun though. I hope everyone else has as much fun as I did. Doctor Who and Wild West !Lantis to boot.

Thanks to my betas [ profile] eldanna and [ profile] lexara! I sort of mashed the results of both together. 

Rating: Kid friendly.

Spoilers: Nothing specific.

Disclaimer: Totally not mine. At all. Even remotely.

Summary: Atlantis gets some unexpected visitors who, in turn, are not visiting what they expect.


Same Faces, Different Places )

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