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They have put the first four chapters of A THOUSAND NIGHTS up online! You can read them!

Sand! Murder! Sheep!

(this is why I don't write my own copy)


Also, there are some give-aways for ARCs, if any of you are into that. Read, Sleep, Repeat has an interview and a signed ARC for North America, and in the UK/IE, there's a Goodreads Thing


TOTALLY UNRELATED: remember that time Tahmoh Penikett made a six minute mini-movie, and we were all PLEASE DO THE THING?

The Thing

(i.e. RIFTWORLD, where a vortex-hopping sorcerer gets stuck on Earth without enough magic to get home, and is stymied by, like, EVERYTHING.)
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OKAY, so one of my least funny running gags on my tumblr is that every time someone posts a screen shot of that scene in THE PHANTOM MENACE when Padmé is having her big dramatic reveal to Boss Nass, I reblog it with the tag "stealthiest armitage", because once upon a time, Richard Armitage played a Naboo fighter pilot, and you can see him over her shoulder in that scene (the gloriousness of his forehead is, sadly, 100% obscured by his helmet, but still).

ANYWAY, it's Comic*Con, and so things like this happen. Which. Like. I don't even. I just.

God, I love the internet.
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But it's so SERIOUSLY WRITTEN. And it mirrors my own dragon population projection! AND IT SOURCES NEWT SCAMANDER.

Zoology: Here Be Dragons
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I don't think the world needed a grim dark video about The Power Rangers.

Related: if I never have to see Katee Sackoff tied to a chair and tortured/interrogated again, it will be too soon.
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This is so far up my alley that it found the muggers lurking there and beat them up and left them webbed to the wall for the cops to pick up later with a note signed “Your friendly neighborhood Jazz Cover”


That metaphor got away from me a little.

This is my everything.

(I don't often miss high school, but high school was the most musical time of my whole life, and GOOD LORDE, I miss that.)
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I don't know who does these accounts (there are all of them, basically. It's epic), but they are quite funny. Smaug's in the best.
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Seriously. Even though I didn't seen most of these, and some of them I couldn't even identify! I watched this, and thought "man, this would be the greatest movie ever!" and then I realized it already kind of was.

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All of this is true. And brilliant. And possibly I now 'ship (grown up) Toph and Iron Man?
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In case there is ANYONE on the planet who hasn't seen this yet, Mumford & Sons has released the official video for HOPELESS WANDERER and it is, well, it's epic:

Don't, like, drink anything while you're watching.

Vid Rec

Jul. 3rd, 2013 08:20 pm
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I'm not saying that William Darcy (of The LBD) singing is the ONLY reason to watch this video, but it is a good one.

(I'm not telling you the best reason, btw, because that would spoil the joke.)

In related news, LORD, LeakyCon looks like fun!
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I don't watch Game of Thrones anymore. For reasons we've discussed. But I can't deny that I'm kind enjoying this season's marketing campaign, particularly every reference to the promised "wild wedding".

(aside: The Red Wedding, or rather, my reading about it on wiki, was the exact moment when I threw my hands in the air, and gave up. And not even for that reason. Or that one. OR EVEN THAT ONE. But the one where Arya misses her dog by half a second in the woods. I'M VERY BITTER ABOUT THAT.)

Anyway, the trailers always make me think that I want to watch it, and I have to remind myself that I don't, and this trailer does an excellent job:

"Mawwidge is what bwings us togever, today."

(Everything is better with The Princess Bride, obviously.)
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We wants it, precious. We waaaaaaaants it.


Here is the tumblr with all the .gif sets, in case you were not aware that some amazing person on the internet has created an Avengers-themed Brave/Tangled/How To Train Your Dragon/Rise of the Guardians cross over:

It is one of the best things in my life right now.
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So apparently [ profile] emmy_roo's facebook friends decided that there should be Hobbit ice cream flavours. I cannot say I disagree.

My favourites include "You Shall Not Passionfruit" and "Root Boromir. For Root Boromir Floats", but there are many, many others that made me laugh very hard.

(OMG, I forgot about "They Have Agave Troll")

Hobbit Ice Cream Flavours (not made of actual Hobbits)

I kind of want to make the Mines of S'Moria. I'm not sure I want to know what goes into Radagast the Brownie.
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"It's impossible to go anywhere in Wellington at the moment, even if it's an old skatepark in Avalon, Lower Hutt, and not have actors from The Hobbit trying to upstage us..."

Seriously. SERIOUSLY. Just...


Jan. 8th, 2013 03:29 pm
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Does anyone have a link to the interview that this .gif set is from?

Glamdring! I said Glamdring!

I'm asking for a friend.

(I am not, in fact, asking for a friend.)

Edit: Found it!

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brb, dying FOREVER. (Seriously. Watch it on HD.)

Also, I don't remember if I mentioned this here, but I think a Thorin/Bilbo vid to this song would be HILARIOUS:

Except maybe the original, though I really do like this version a lot.

RunRabbitRun has written more Babies of the House of Durin fic. I need all the hugs: Midwifery.

Also, I need more Babies of the House of Durin fic.


I think I'm going to type up some of the essays I wrote TEN YEARS AGO when I was freaking out about The Two Towers. They'll be awful, but there's one in particular that explains me as a fan and...well, it's still true.
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That almost makes it worth while that a) creme eggs are mint, and b) available when it's not thematically appropriate.
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OMG, I am DYING. I cannot even breathe. It's just BRILLIANT.

(*Cookie Monster sings "Hey, me just met you, and this is crazy! But you have cookies! So share it maybe?", and it is BRILLIANT.)
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If the Internet has a winner today, I'm pretty sure this is it:

Now I have yet another set of lyrics to sing when "Born This Way" comes on the radio!


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