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This weekend I'm staying at a century old farm house in the middle of nowhere and it's glorious. Today was sunny and snowy and we stayed inside and read books and ate cheese-based snacks. I wrote a grant application, and am working on another thing, and tomorrow I will read more, and it is glorious.




I might actually write something. And we might go outside. I mean, eventually we have to go outside because we are going out for dinner, but, you know.
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A Thousand Nights has been nominated for the 2016 Mythopoeic Awards!

(They (very cleverly, IMHO) split their nominations between "children" (MG and down), and "adult" (YA and up). I think that makes more sense than lumping YA in with MG.)

ANYWAY, this award is EXTRA GREAT FOR ME PERSONALLY, because the nominations are meant to best exemplif[y] “the spirit of the Inklings”, which, you know, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

*happy dance*

I love this book of my heart so much, and this is VERY EXCITING NEWS.

(Also the other nominees are great. I'm really pleased to me with them. Full list here, including the Children's category where CASTLE HANGNAIL is nominated. HAVE YOU READ CASTLE HANGNAIL? YOU SHOULD.)
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So Amazon does this thing where if you have more than 50 reviews, it lists your book in more places. THE STORY OF OWEN currently has 35 reviews. If there are any of you who have read it, and wouldn't mind saying something, I would really appreciate it.

(Prairie Fire has 4, so that's a bit of a long shot, and NIGHTS is cleared. Hopefully BEARS!!! will clear too! I've linked to my author page, in case you feel particularly inspired.)

Likewise, if there's something of yours I haven't reviewed, let me know and I will do it!

Thank you!
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Both of my 2015 books were selected by the Ontario Library Association as Best Bets! Prairie Fire made their Top Ten list, and A Thousand Nights received an Honourable Mention.

They get official stickers this year and everything! (OWEN was also a Top Ten last year, but the stickers are new!)


As a side bonus, I kept getting yelled at by random librarians at the OLA conference, which took place last week, as they were all upset about the ending of Prairie Fire. #Iregretnothing :)

45 days until EXIT, PURSUED BY A BEAR!
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Many Heroines of YA-Super Hi Res

(Also, if you are near Salt Lake City, Omaha, Nashville, Charlotte, or Charleston, I will be there on these dates.)

Very Tired

Oct. 3rd, 2015 08:46 pm
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I don't have all the pictures from launch #1 yet, because I assume The Sister will put them all up together after tomorrow, but here are some teasers! Family & Co. did an amazing job, and we had a great night.

The window display was gorgeous!

the window

And Secret Agent Man came up to attend! Which was delightful.

rj, josh, and me

And then today I went to my Chapters for a signing, and...


Right now, Emma and I are tucked in with pizza while the wind howls outside. One more event tomorrow!
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Saint Paul continues to be great!

I was on a panel at Red Balloon books with a bunch of author friends. Editor Andrew moderated. It was a bit deeper than panels I'm used to (usually it's all "What is it like to write Canadian books?" and "Why did you put dragons in modern Ontario?" and Andrew was all "WHAT IS THE NATURE OF TEENAGER-NESS?" and "IF WE DIDN'T HAVE "teens" WOULD YOU STILL WRITE BOOKS ABOUT THE SAME AGE GROUP?"), but the crowd liked it (they kept having to put out more chairs!), and I still made people laugh a couple of times.

Yesterday we went to a Twins' game and it was SO. HOT. but also fun, and then we had ice cream.

Today I mostly plan to nap. :)

ANYWAY, the other news is that Kirkus gave a starred review to A Thousand Nights! And the review itself is also very good. (I know, you'd think that getting a star would mean getting a good review, but sometimes it doesn't, so, I'm REALLY PLEASED. Like, I cried in Emma's living room when I read it last week). Just over two months until pub date! And it's still 50% off on Amazon. ;)


Apr. 26th, 2015 03:11 pm
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Home at last, in my own bed, from the Great...I forget what I called this trip. I went to LA and then The Woods, basically.

Since Tuesday night, I have mostly been reading books and cross stitching. I got some ARCs in LA, and so I read those:

1. Walk on Earth A Stranger, Rae Carson (DO RECOMMEND!)
2. The Scorpion Rules, by Erin Bow (OH GOD, PRE-ORDER THIS BOOK. It is possibly my favourite book ever.)
3. ILLUMINAE, by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff (conditionally recommend. It's...well, it's weird. And the layout was beautiful, but sometimes hard to read. I can see the style really putting some people off, but it was funny and interesting, and I liked it at the end, anyway.)

I also read some books I've been waiting to read for a while:

1. Rivals in the City, by Y.S. Lee (this finishes off THE AGENCY series, and was A DELIGHT)
2. The Winner's Curse, by Marie Rutowski (I wanted this book to do a lot of things and it did none of them, but it's a good "starter fantasy", and quite compellingly written)
3. Star Wars Rebels: A NEW DAWN
4. Castle Hangnail, by Ursula Vernon (buy this book. BUY THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW. Read it aloud, and children will materialize beside you, but even if they don't, you will still be highly entertained)
5. The Apple Throne, by Tessa Gratton (DO READ. Actually, read all of her books, but DO READ the United States of Asgard. They are...they are the best books I have ever read, I think. Just. UGH.)

And I started rereading THE LUNAR CHRONICLES for when WINTER comes out in the fall. I only got through Cinder and half of Scarlet, but I'd forgotten how VERY CLEVER these books are.

Anyway, now I am doing laundry (with no dryer, so that sucks), and cleaning up, and generally getting ready for The Real World tomorrow.

We'll see how long it sticks.
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The American School Library Journal does their own version of March Madness every spring. This year, THE STORY OF OWEN went up against a non-fiction book called THE PORT CHICAGO 50, and Rachel Hartman (Seraphina, Shadow Scale), who I adore beyond all reason, was the judge, and said some really nice things about my book.

(I agree with her 100%, actually. Her line of reasoning is brilliant, and her decision is wonderful. The only thing that makes me sad is that Elizabeth Wein is the judge of the next round, and now I'll never find out what she thinks of OWEN. But that is a little thing, and not really super important.)


If any of you have read and posted about PRAIRIE FIRE, and I have somehow missed it (I have been traveling a lot, so my internet has been all over the place), let me know. Likewise, if any of you read it and review it on Amazon, THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. Um, unless you hated it, in which case never tell me. :)


I am off to Homer, New York this weekend for a writing workshop/book club event. It should be fun! I will get to drive a lot and sing and maybe come up with a plot for SPINDLE. Or something.


I am sure I'm forgetting something. It's very annoying. I have my food for tomorrow (aaaaaaah, work!), and I think I've sent all the emails I need to? That's the dream, anyway. I want to watch THE CLONE WARS so that I can watch REBELS so that I can't be spoiled for it on tumblr accidentally.
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Moonbeam Award

A twitter follower actually told me I had won, and then I poked around on Google until I found the website with the announcement. The Moonbeam Awards are handed out at the Traverse City Book Festival, and promote "readable" books. So that's nice! Plus it's an actual medal, which is kind of exciting.
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I got to spend most of yesterday in lovely Bayfield, so of course I had to write about it.

(Pretty towns! Oxford Commas! Too much chicken! Silent auction feuds-in-the-making!)
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THE STORY OF OWEN has been reviewed by the New York Times! It's about as kind as these things get, too. So that's excellent.

And now back to my original plan for Friday: aggressive napping.
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My friend Lindsay Smith has a GREAT Russian spy novel coming out on April 1. It's called SEKRET, and it is probably one of the best books I've read for 2014. It was blurbed by Elizabeth Wein, the author of CODE NAME VERITY, and it deserves it.

Lindsay has a short story on right now that's not set in the same time or the same world, but has the same sort of historical authenticity with an otherworldly twist. Obviously, I couldn't help but think of SANCTUARY, but it also made me think a bit of the NUMINOUS WORLD books, and where things might have ended up if Darkness had got there first.

Doppel: Told in a series of espionage transmissions, “Doppel” is the story of a British agent in occupied France. When he meets a charismatic SS officer who seems to be guarding a great and powerful secret, he must decide whether to abandon his mission and discover what the Nazi is planning. But the truth might be darker and more dangerous than anything the British—or the Germans—can imagine.
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Hello, f-list!

It is almost time. I am ludicrously excited. I know that many of you have already pre-ordered (which, have I said thank you lately? Because: OMG, THANK YOU), but I thought I would do a quick "how to" just in case there are questions.

If you live in the US or Canada, you have a bunch of options! I am listed on both and .ca, as well as Barnes and Noble, and Chapters. In addition to that, there's Indiebound, which is a great way to support independent bookstores.

I have no idea if B&N or Chapters are going to carry the book on the shelf. If you go to either store and they don't have it, you can ask a manager to order it in. You may have to be a little pushy (by which I mean tell them that it has starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Kirkus, and that according to the internet, ten-year-olds prefer it to Minecraft, etc), and if you are in Canada, you can mention that I am "local", as it were. I don't know how B&N works, but the Chapters people will tell you that you can order it through the Kiosk. That's basically the same as ordering it online, and is fine, but it won't result in copies on the shelf for people other than you. If you have a local independent store that you love, they may order it in for you too.

If you manage to get my book on to the shelf somewhere in South Western Ontario, let me know, and I will go to that store and sign stock/do a reading/juggle geese*/et cetera.

I would also be grateful if you mentioned it to your public library. I know a few have got it already (Cincinnati, Nashville, WELLINGTON NEW ZEALAND), but libraries are a great way to reach kids who can't afford their own copies.

If you live overseas, there aren't as many options yet, because I haven't sold any foreign rights. HOWEVER, Amazon still has it listed (so far everywhere except Australia, for some reason), and there's also Book Depository, which is a great way to order books AND doesn't usually charge for shipping.

It's available in e-book format, at least as a Kobo and a Kindle. Not sure about Nook as yet.

If you do find it on the shelf, or if you pre-order and it comes in the mail, you could take a picture of yourself holding it, send it to me, and MAKE MY DAY. :)

Finally, if you read THE STORY OF OWEN and you like it, I would be grateful for reviews on, .ca or the Chapter-Indigo website**.

*I will not juggle geese. Or at least I won't be very good at it. But some people do, and I was desperate for a nerd joke, so here we are.
**If you read it and you don't like it, that is absolutely fine. Just, you know, never tell me about it.

Book Rec

Sep. 20th, 2013 06:25 pm
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Hi guys!

So if you like RUSSIA and/or The Cold War, and have a NetGalley account (or want to set one up), I really, really, really recommend SEKRET. It's by an author in my debut group, and I got to read it in July, and it is SO. SO. GOOD.

(It was blurbed by Elizabeth Wein, for example. IT LIVES UP TO THAT BLURB.)

It comes out in April, but you can request the ARC.
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It's a Waiting on Wednesday: Special Drafting-Brain Monday Edition

The Lost Sun, by [ profile] tessa_gratton.

Two Things:

1. I love this book like I love Jo Graham's "Stealing Fire", which is to say that I love it WITH MY SOUL.
2. If you are waiting for my book, this is a good book to read to pass some of the time. ;)

Book Rec

May. 28th, 2013 07:04 pm
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Once upon a time, I read a book about magic and murder and kissing and grammar.

It was funny. It had moments of darkness. It had excellent world-building, as Victorian reality collided with one of the best designed and most "commonsense" magic systems I've ever encountered. The murder mystery was intriguing. And the characters, all of them, were works of art.

The book is called Death By Silver, by Melissa Scott and Amy Griswold. If you like steampunk, gaslight, magic, murder, kissing or grammar (or all of the above), then this is the book for you. And if you go through that link, which is to Book Depository, there isn't even shipping. :)
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In other news, I am now imagining Bridget Regan as KING OF GONDOR, and it is pretty darn fantastic:
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Failed at Monday Blogging today due to EXTREME TIRED brought on by EXTREME FANGIRL, but today I have a book I am waiting for, so Waiting on Wednesday it is!

The General's Mistress, by Jo Graham: Magic and Love and General Awesomeness.


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