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(It's the last one I wrote, when I wrote, like, 10 of them in a row, so I am at peak sassiness, but I think it worked out well enough.)

Ladies, fairy-tales, writers, the evolution of stories, and the true gift of folklore.
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I should have come up with a name that is slightly easier to say...

ANYWAY, this week on the blog, it's all about music, specifically music from YouTube, as I talk about Walk off the Earth, Heather Dale, and the Brooklyn Duo each represent a facet of what I was going for when I came up with how Siobhan was going to write music, and Emily was going to make her famous.

The Story of YouTube


Not that, you know, I'm counting. MUCH.
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As part of my run-up to Prairie Fire's launch, I am attempting to blog again. Once a week. I am sure I can handle this. ;)

ANYWAY, for those of you who were following me back in 2011, you may recall a day when I went out on fieldwork and everything was perfect. This didn't happen a lot in Alberta, but that day was good enough that I called the lj post Today Was A Fairy-Tale. That was the day that PRAIRIE FIRE started, and OWEN wasn't even finished yet.

And then, a sequel.

As always, thank you so much for being my f-list. I have no idea where I'd be without you.
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My last story (for 2014 anyway), is up today on The Hanging Garden. Or theme this round was urban legends, which I have since learned means something slightly different in Canada than it does in the US (or maybe it means the same thing, but ours are...less murder-y?).

ANYHOODLE, here it is: Infrastructure.
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In which I go to Minneapolis, have hot chocolate, and try to remember the last time I panicked.
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I make a decision about world building, a terrible pun (involving Latin), and hint strongly that my next book will involve more of the same.

No one is really surprised, are they?
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I got to spend most of yesterday in lovely Bayfield, so of course I had to write about it.

(Pretty towns! Oxford Commas! Too much chicken! Silent auction feuds-in-the-making!)
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Some of you have already done this, which just BLOWS MY MIND, but here is a collection of links about how to pre-order The Story of Owen.


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It's a Waiting on Wednesday: Special Drafting-Brain Monday Edition

The Lost Sun, by [ profile] tessa_gratton.

Two Things:

1. I love this book like I love Jo Graham's "Stealing Fire", which is to say that I love it WITH MY SOUL.
2. If you are waiting for my book, this is a good book to read to pass some of the time. ;)
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Guys? I don't want to overstate this and say that Rainbow Rowell has basically written our life stories (or something pretty close to them, anyway), but Rainbow Rowell has basically written our life stories (or something pretty close to them, anyway).

Fangirl is a hilarious, touching, startlingly true to life (or at least parts of mine, anyway), story about what it is to be a fangirl, and even though you can't have it until September 10th, I think we should have a massive lj-wide book club with it when it comes out, because OMG, FEELINGS.
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One year ago, I took a shot in the dark and queried THE STORY OF OWEN to Andrew Karre.

The moral of that story? TAKE SHOTS IN THE DARK!
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Today on the Blog, I talk in defense of princesses. Even though most of them can defend themselves:

There are going to be quite a few new babies in my life in the next couple of months, and since at least one of them is probably going to be a girl, I’ve been spending more time than usual lately obsessing about princesses.

(I am very proud of this one, which probably means I've made a million mistakes and will also gravely insult someone, but HERE GOES!)
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This week on the blog, I talk about the various ways people communicate in fiction (and how it differs from genre to genre).

Looking Out The Window

(And also I make jokes about the Elves. Because that's how we roll in the Shire.)
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Victoria Schwab’s new book, THE ARCHIVED, comes out on January 22, and to celebrate, she is hosting a project called MAKING HISTORY, wherein you share a story about a time or event that shaped you. This is mine.

Lullabies for Girls Who Read (or, The Last Thing I Wrote Before I Became A Writer)

And, in case I haven't said it lately, I love you guys. A lot. :)
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My Year in Blogging, with reflections on the Sharpie Pencil and whispers of dragons (Tolkien's and mine).

Further Up and Further In!

(And because I can say it now: MY BOOK COMES OUT NEXT YEAR!)
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It's Wednesday! And, since I've remembered to blog, it's a day when we WAIT FOR BOOKS.

(I was so much better at this whole blogging thing before September!)

Anyway, today's book is by Victoria Schwab, and it is called THE ARCHIVED: Imagine a place where the dead rest on shelves like books.

Obviously, I'm in.
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A Very Special (and only slightly) Waiting on Wednesday/NaNo Kickoff post.
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Today on the blog, I review TEAR THE CURTAIN!, which involves using this icon on topic, kind of having a fangirl moment (or six), talking about how much I love stories and Canada, and Jonathon Young's fingers.

Yeah, that one got away from me a bit


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