Feb. 14th, 2017

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This is the second ARC I got from OLA (i.e., the one that nearly led to my proposing to the sales rep at the booth because I was SO PLEASED TO GET A COPY), and it. is. so. good.

Basically: Dimple is pushing back against her parents' traditional goals for her. Sure, they want her to be happy and smart, but they also want her to marry an Ideal Indian Husband asap (and support her going to Stanford, because there will be a lot of fish in that sea, as it were). Dimple mostly wishes they'd lay off. She has career plans, and while she's not against love, she is not interested in sacrifice. She's seen it over and over: it's always the girl who does it. So when they agree to send her to a summer programming camp? She's super excited. And not at all suspicious. Which is too bad, because also at this camp...

...is Rishi. Whose parents are familiar with Dimple's parents (they live far enough away that they don't cross paths much), and who decided a long time ago that when the time was right, they'd introduce the kids, hope for the best, and see what happened. Rishi knows all about this plan, and is for it, even though this programming camp is a bit ahead of schedule. He is okay with being the traditional son.

So when Dimple and Rishi meet? Let's just say it does not go well.

I loved this book so much. It's like how sometimes you see a kitten and then want to punch yourself in the neck. It's so GOOD and so CUTE, and I spent the whole time reading it alternating between making pterodactyl noises and smashing my face against the pages.

Both Dimple and Rishi are such good characters, and their nuances and flaws are PERFECT. And Menon balances first generation Americans against their parents and against the US with heart-wrenching precision. As Dimple thinks about what her plans really mean, and Rishi starts to acknowledge that his plans might not be worth as much as his parents hoped, the story unfolds and just:

it's so fluffy i'm going to die

I wish I still worked at the book store so I could PUSH THIS INTO THE FACE OF EVERY PERSON ALIVE. It's so good.


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